Outpatient - Peer Support Program

Farnham Family Services Peer Support program is a person-centered service delivered by a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, an individual who brings personal addiction recovery experience and professional training to the treatment experience. The peer support program offers an array of services. A few examples include:

  • Empathetic, one-on-one recovery support and mentorship
  • Connecting you to formal recovery supports such as 12 step programs
  • Non-clinical crisis support, especially following cases of hospitalization or incarceration
  • Education about various modes of recovery, and social and/or other support services
  • Modeling coping skills and identify strengths
  • In-home and community-based services, and more
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Recovery is ...

Recovery is real,
More than a feel.
A life with drive,
To keep us alive.

Recovery attainable,
For visions explainable.
Driven by choice,
To find a true voice.

Recovery sustains,
To overcome pain.
And strengthen the grasp,
On life to the last.

Recovery is Power,
From hour to hour.
Neither trivial nor trope,

By: Scott McAuslan, Certified Recovery Peer Advocate