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About Us

The mission of Farnham, Inc. is to reduce and eliminate the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Oswego County through the provision of treatment services, education, and intervention strategies, as well as networking with appropriate community agencies and providers of addiction related services.

Our quest is to free families and communities from the destructive grip of drug and alcohol addiction.

Through our comprehensive treatment and prevention programs, we offer solutions to problems created by substance abuse.

Break the stigma.

Addiction can inflict anyone - and it affects everyone.

Because Substance Use Disorder is unbiased, we are too. No matter your background, story, or the current stage of your disorder or recovery, our diverse, professional team welcomes you with open arms and healing hearts.

And we admire everyone brave enough to ask for help.

Don’t dodge, deny, or delay.

Most people who need help don’t get it until things are far out of their control. It’s never too late, nor is it ever too soon to get help. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, don’t wait until you have more problems, deeper disarray, or greater pain. Ask for help now. Hope starts today.

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